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FAQ | Self Driving Mongolia


What is the minimum age I can rent?
The minimum age to rent a vehicle from us is 30 years.

Can I drive into China / Russia?
We do not permit our vehicles to be taken out of Mongolia.

Do you offer vehicle only quotations?
Yes we offer vehicle only quotations but we also offer vehicles with drivers and with technicians.

Do you offer accommodation booking?
Yes we can book all ger camps where you will stay. We work with ger camp vouchers.

Do you rent camping and kitchen equipment?
Yes we have all the equipment you could need.

Can you supply meals and a cook?
Yes we offer food / cook service for self driving expeditions.

Where can we buy maps of Mongolia?
First have a look at the map webpage of Mongolia at www.mongoliangpsmaps.info for a first idea. You can buy maps in most western book or travel shops. There is also a wide range of maps available in the Mongolian shops. We can help you buy the right maps.

Is there a GPS database of Mongolia?
Yes you can find a GPS database of Mongolia on the following webpage: www.mongoliangpsmaps.info

Where can we get fuel in Mongolia?
Fuel in Mongolia is avialable in every village. getting fuel should not be a problem at all.

Where can we start our trip from?
All our trips start from Ulaanbaatar.

Are one way itineraries possible?
Yes, these are quite popular, especially if you explore west Mongolia and you do not want to drive back to Ulaanbaatar but want to take a local flight. Jeeps will be returned to Ulaanbaatar at additional cost.

Do you arrange fly-in safaris?
Yes we can arrange midrange and luxury fly-in trips, either as part of a self-drive trip or an exclusively fly-in safari. These are more expensive than self-drive trips, but we can cater for any budget.

How flexible are the itineraries? Can I stay longer at one place if I really like it?
Because accommodation and campsites are not booked in advance you can adapt the speed of our trip as you wish and stay longer where you wish to.

Do I have to camp?
No, if camping is not your idea of fun, we arrange self-drive itineraries where you will have every night ger camp stay.

What types of vehicles do you provide?
We exclusively arrange Land Cruiser vehicles. Although we have many demands for Russian UAZ jeeps and mini vans for self driving, we don’t offer this possibility because those vehicles are not reliable.

Some companies say that Mongolia is unsuitable for self-drive?
Not true! Some parts of Mongolia (e.g. part of the Gobi Desert) are unsuitable for single vehicle travel and some areas are not recommended in the wet season (e.g. Darkhad valley) but Mongolia is an excellent self-drive destination.

How are the vehicles insured and what do they cover?
Vehicles are only insured for break downs or for damage you could do to our vehicles. There is a franchise of 3000 USD for every vehicle. At additional cost you can have third party insurance.

Do we need to leave a deposit?
Yes there is a deposit of 3000 USD per vehicle.

What happens if there is a problem with the vehicle during the trip?
In case of break down you will need to contact our head office as soon as you can and we will send a replacement vehicle.

Is self-drive safe? What are the dangers I should be aware of, if any?
Self-drive is safe so long as you act responsibly and drive with a measure of common sense. Trails are tough and slow driving is required especially in the northern and western parts of Mongolia. In the flat Gobi desert you can be surprise by larger rocks. Never cross rivers when the waters are too high and never drive at night. Be careful when driving a wave-like terrain. You can be surprised by a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

Do you offer guided self-drive trips?
Yes we offer guided self-driving trips and we advise people to book those trips instead of independent self-drive travel.

Can we travel anywhere with a single vehicle?
No some of the more remote places require two vehicles.

Are there additional charges associated with paying by credit card?
Yes there is an additional charge of 5% if you pay by credit card.

Can I pay a small deposit to secure the booking and the balance on arrival?
To confirm your trip and have the vehicles reserved for you we will ask you a 35% down payment. Balance is to be paid in cash before your trip starts. No vehicle will leave Ulaanbaatar without full payment received and without the deposit being paid.

How far in advance do I need to book?
It is advisable to book at least 2 months in advance, especially in the peak season (July to September). Bookings cannot be made more than 12 months in advance.

Do you do last minute bookings?
Yes we will always do our best to fit in last minute bookings, but only if we have vehicles left.

Can I have to be flexible with my travel dates?
No you are not flexible with your travel dates. The vehicles will be available for you for the days you booked them and we cannot guarantee you the vehicles if you come later on your trip. Better you book your trip first before buying your flight tickets.

Do you book flights or train tickets?
Yes we can book flight and train tickets between Ulaanbaatar and Beijing.

Do I need separate travel insurance?
Yes it is your responsibility to arrange travel and medical insurance, and this is a requirement of our bookings.

Will I require a visa?
Visas are not required for all nationalities. US citizens can stay up to 2 months in Mongolia without visa.

Can I get a visa at my arrival?
In some cases you can get a visa at your arrival in Mongolia, but you will often be denied bording plane if you don’t have a valid visa for Mongolia. We advice all our clients to get a visa in their home country.