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Before you drive | Self Driving Mongolia

Before you drive

Driving License

An international driving permit or a Mongolian driving license is required to drive in Mongolia if you plan to spend more than a month in the country. If you are in Mongolia for less than a month you can use a license from your home country.



We ask every traveler or driver to have their own life and travel insurance. But our vehicles have already got both official vehicle and driver responsibility insuranceы applied according to Mongolian Law of Transport. These are mandatory when you drive in Mongolia.



Traffic moves in the right side of the road.
The minimum driving age is 18 years.
To drive a vehicle after using alcohol is prohibited. The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.02%.
Any driver and all passengers of the car must use safety belts while driving.
While driving a motorcycle, a driver and passenger must wear protective helmets.
While driving, to use of a cell phone is forbidden excluding with the hand-free system.
It is not permitted to cross over the carriageway curbstones, drive over the sidewalks andverges.
It is illegal to frighten animal-drawn vehicles crossing roads.
It is not permitted to pass through or take a place among vehicles going in a column.
It is forbidden to open the doors of vehicles when they run.
It is illegal to put own objects out of the window.
Under the prohibitory signal, drivers must stop before the marking “Stop-line”.
A sound signal may be used only to prevent traffic accidents or warn other drivers during overtaking on roads outside of built-up areas.
Drivers must give way to vehicles and pedestrians moving through a road when they enter into and exit from it.
When turning to the left or making a U-turn, drivers must give way to oncoming vehicles moving directly or turning to the right.
Drivers must give way to vehicles approaching from the right-hand side at intersection where the traffic is not reflected.
When driving around obstacles, drivers must give way to oncoming traffic.
U-turns are prohibited: on pedestrian crossings, level-crossings, on and under bridges, in tunnels, in places with a visibility limited within 100 m to either direction.
On motorways, commercial vehicles with mass of more than 3.5 ton most move in the first or second lane on the right-hand side of the road.
The speed limit in residential zones is 20 km/h (12 mph), in built-up areas – 60 km/h (37 mph), outside built-up areas – 80 km/h (50 mph), on motorways – 100 km/h.
Overtaking is prohibited: on not-regulated intersections, pedestrian crossings, and level-crossings or within 100 meters up to them.


Hazards and Safety while driving

➤ Absence of gas station – Make sure you bring sufficient amount of gas for the driving
➤ Theft and robbery – Be aware of your valuables including passport, cash, bank cards and other items
➤ Vehicle malfunction – No one expects the failure of vehicle but it is always good to be well-prepared
➤ Unexpected weather condition – Check the weather forecast before departure to the countryside.
➤ Essential tools and gadgets – Make sure you have all relevant and sufficient number of tools
➤ GPS and satellite phone – Inform our team daily about your situation and location
➤ Food and drinks – Always bring more than enough food and drinks